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How Straight Tube Displays Can Benefit You

The key to effectively advertise your brand requires careful planning and the use of versatile display products. Some may spend a fortune on high end advertising displays but high quality does not always come with a high price tag.

Our stretch fabric straight tube displays utilize high quality materials to create a product that brings your brand name to the top of the competition at an extremely affordable price. Continue reading to find out the different ways that a straight tube display can help improve your business.

Straight Tube Displays to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Getting high-quality products is never enough as they will not be able to make some noise for them to be promoted. Establishing a brand – which is your identity in the market, requires you to utilize the different media and advertising products. You can try the new form of advertisement as an alternative to high rates of media like TV and print. Utilize the straight tube displays without spending too much while you stay ahead of your competitors.

For the product to be widely known, it needs the best marketing strategy to get their names top the chart. Some of the different channels that are mostly used are social media, television commercials, print ad and billboards to attract new clients. But, from the various options to choose from, how would you know what suits your marketing needs?

In a study conducted in London underground train, a big percentage of commuters agreed that they noticed the display signage being advertised and looked at them as a welcome distraction while in transit.

Display signage is a wide platform that includes LED projection, digital imaging, outdoor banner displays, large format printed displays and much more. Some of the most common display signage are printed displays that are much more affordable and durable. One good example is a straight tube display - a display signage which most often used indoors in lobbies, hotel entrances and exhibition events.

Aside from its prominence in public places as a means to advertise, the use of fabric straight tube displays in trade shows and events adds a different dimension and aesthetic appeal to your booth. Its versatility makes it adaptable to any brand and to the message that you want your visitors or audience to see. You can customize the graphics and its effects to be able to convey a lasting impression about your brand in a creative way.

Why is the Straight Tube Display Your Best Choice?

Fabric tube displays, fabric straight tube, stretch fabric displays or simply referred to as tube displays are made using hollow aluminum pipe-like tubes to create a unique frame. The frame will be providing strength and durability. The fabric print slips over the frame and zipper secures the fabric print in place.

Participating in trade shows can be costly, but a worthy investment for some. To maximize your profits, it is best to find the most cost effective display products. When it comes to choosing your advertising displays, one of your best bet is a straight tube display.

A typical cost to have a custom trade show display stand depends on how big you want it to be, but usually they run between $1000 or more. On the other hand, utilizing a straight tube display will only cost you several hundreds of dollars, depending on the size you need. A 2 ft wide straight tube fabric display would be perfect fit for any event small or large. However a 5 ft fabric tube display would be more ideal for a larger display space. Now if you need something even bigger we have a 10 ft straight tube display that fits perfect with a 10 ft booth and acts as a backdrop that will sure to catch the attention of any by-passers.

Printed using the dye sublimation process and dispersed dye ink, the vibrant colors were made possible by our most recently calibrated machines printed on our 9 oz polyester material. The quality of the final product makes it more appealing in the eyes of the audience, and its low-profile wide base helps the ad to be seen even at the most crowded trade show or exhibition.

EZ Extend fabric display is an excellent alternative to back wall display because you can quickly assemble the frame in less than 5 minutes. By just sliding the tubes together and using the push button snap to lock the frame, your display will be ready to be seen in any exhibition, trade shows or public displays.