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Hands-Free Advertising With Countertop Literature Holders

Handing out brochures or pamphlets to every customer that walks into your business can be time consuming. Believe it or not, this task could be done effortlesslyBrochure holders for walls  Counter with countertop literature holders. We offer several different styles and sizes for you to choose from, including the 1, 2, 3 pockets and tri-fold, plus there is no minimum purchase, buy 1 or 100. These holders can also be utilized for a multiple applications and make a great addition to any type of business.

Durable Construction

Our brochure holders for table tops are constructed out of durable ridged styrene. The styrene panels are fixed together utilizing state-of-the-art machines. These machines are capable of sealing the panels together, without leaving unsightly seams. The corners and edges are smooth and rounded to prevent injuries. Single pocket countertop literature holders are capable of holding an 8-1/2” X 11” document, while the 2 pocket holder will hold 2 of the same size documents.


These quality brochure holders are very versatile. Brochure holders for walls can easily be fixed to any flat surface. Each holder comes with predrilled holes, so all you need to do is install it, utilizing two screws. You can also sit them on any countertop, without them bogging up a lot of space. Our countertop literature holders are very lightweight and weigh anywhere between 3-14 ounces.

Brochure And Pamphlet Holders

If you are continuously handing out literature to potential customers, you very well could benefit from the tri-fold brochure holder. This holder is capable of holding a 4” X 9” brochure, plus it can be installed on any wall or placed on any counter.

Suitable For All Businesses

Our transparent countertop literature holders are suitable for medical clinics, law offices, schools, restaurants, warehouses, and homes. Remember, we offer same day shipping on all orders placed before 1 PM PST. Place your order today and you will receive your new literature holders before you know it.