Artwork Upload

Ordering Steps

  1. Place your order and checkout
  2. Fill out the form below and add your files
  4. Add your files and wait for them to upload
  5. Once the file has been uploaded you will receive an email confirming the file has been sent, if you do not receive a confirmation you will need to upload again
We also accept Dropbox and WeTransfer links, please make sure to reference your Order Number when emailing them to us, you can email them to [email protected].

If your browser does not support iframes please click here

Processing Times

Please make note of this when you are ordering, online orders will be processed the next business day. If your need faster processing please call the order in.

Example: Order without print was placed online on Monday; order will be processed and shipped the next business day on Tuesday.

Explanation of Graphic Turnaround Time

Turnaround times begin 2 business days (Graphics Standard) after we have received an approved Ready to Print image and the order has been processed. Graphic turnaround time is based on normal business days Monday through Friday and does not include shipping time or federal holidays.

Graphic Next Day Rush

Our Graphic Next Day Rush Printing service is a 40% surcharge on the print to ship out in 1 business day instead of the standard 2 business day turnaround time. Graphics Next Day Rush only refers to expediting the production time, it does not include shipping time. Orders placed before 11AM PST will have their order shipped out the next business day. Ready to print artwork must be submitted and in our possession by 11AM PST in order for us to ship your order out the following business day.

Example: An order is placed with Graphics Next Day Rush on Tuesday; approved artwork is submitted by 11AM PST that same day. The order will be processed and shipped out on Wednesday with the Graphics Next Day Rush option instead of normally shipping out on Thursday with our Graphics Standard option.

PDF Proof Requests

We ask for “Print Ready” images, the file you submit to use should be sized and appropriately formatted so that it can be instantly inserted into the print queue. As a customer you should double check to make sure that the artwork is properly formatted and ready to go.

However, from time to time customers want a PDF proof. A PDF proof can easily be requested when you upload the artwork. In the message portion of the artwork upload form, you can add your details and request a PDF proof.

ORDERING A PDF PROOF WILL DELAY YOUR ORDER FROM SHIPPING OUT IN OUR NORMAL TWO BUSINESS DAY TURNAROUND, with a PDF proof request your order will ship out in 4 business days with proof approval.

Proofs are sent out 1 business day after you have uploaded them. To approve the proof all you need to do is reply back to the email stating you approved the proofs we sent you. Once proofs are approved, we will ship them out in 2 business days.

Example: You place an order on Monday, we send you the proof on Tuesday at noon. We will ship the order out in 2 business days which would be Thursday.

Artwork Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your artwork:

Please submit files that are print ready and do not require editing.

A printed image will not look 100% like the original, we can only get as close as possible.

The artwork should have a minimum 150 DPI. We prefer CMYK colors.

We accept the following formats: HIGH RES JPEG, PDF, TIFF, AI, EPS, PSD. Please keep your artwork files under 1GB in file size if possible.
EPS Files: All text in EPS files should be converted to outlines
PSD and AI files: Layers should be flattened

Please submit artwork in the actual size you want it to be printed. For example, if the image size of your stand is 33" X 78" then you would need to submit to us a 33" X 78"

Submitted artwork does not require any bleed. We print right to the edge with color. However, please let us know if you would like to have a white border printed.

Please convert all your fonts to outlines. We do not accept font files.

Revisions/ Image Editing
If you choose us to make some basic revisions to your files we charge $80/hr, with a minimum of one hour. We can change proportion, text, color, size, etc.

Physical proofs are not required, however we can provide a printed proof at an additional cost depending on square footage and shipping. This will delay your order several days.

PDF proofs are free but must be requested through special instructions in checkout or through the YouSendIt message field.

Please check your Pantone colors before you submit artwork. Artwork should be submitted with CMYK colors to provide the most accurate color wanted. Unless a printed proof is ordered, Signworld is not responsible for unsatisfactory color results. If the artwork is color sensitive please contact us on pricing about our color matching services.