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Introducing Signworld's new Illuminated Pop Up Display. These displays are also known as Backlit Pop Up Displays or Backlit Fabric Displays. With backlit LED lights and quick-to-install silicon-edge stretchable fabric, it will for sure brighten up your colorful display. The installation is easy and only requires one person to set up tool-free. The light weight aluminum and dye-sub printed fabric makes it easy to travel, store, and display! This product is great for displaying at trade shows, exhibits, conferences, events, and offices.

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A Light Box, a Pop Up Display!

Be the shining star on your trade show floor right now by owning one of these light box displays.

Illuminated Pop Up Display is a LED backlit display system you can set up and transport easily. Ever since small-median size business owners started to adapt modular trade show displays, pop up displays have always been everyone's favorite display choice. Whether it is a banner pop up stand or a stretchable fabric pop up display, anything that falls within the "Pop Up" category can be set up, out of the box within 5 to 20 minutes. However, these standard pop up displays have one shortcoming in common: The attachable LED lights has always been an accessory that aren't completely integrated to the display system. The legacy LED lights have to be purchased separately and it doesn't necessary cover the entire display evenly once it's lit up. An illuminated pop up display pushes the envelop further by integrating LED Ladder Lights to the pop up displays, resulting a evenly lit light box that can also be set up easily for trade show vendors, business owners, and advertising agencies.