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Cross Base Ground Spike Water Weight Bag
Cross Base
Our Price: $29.00
Ground Spike
Our Price: $15.00
Water Weight Bag
Our Price: $7.00


Find The Best Base Attachment To Keep Your Flag Pinned To The Ground

If you’re trying to setup a beautiful flag display, you’ll likely put an extensive amount of effort into the flag’s graphics, while ignoring other components. Although the graphics are important, they’ll matter very little, if your flag pole isn’t capable of keeping it upright throughout the day. This is why you’ll want to take the opportunity to check out our lineup of flag pole stands and attachments. With our base attachment, your flag will remain pinned to the ground and will be visible for all to see, so you can get your message across to the consumer!

Various Purposes

Display-Wholesale understands that each business will have a unique application in mind for their flags. This is why we intend to offer a base attachment for each and every situation. Whether you’re setting up indoors or outdoors, you will be able to find something within our warehouse that will be able to accommodate your precise needs. For instance, utilizing the cross base with a water weight bag is recommended for those that want to place their flags inside or outside. The additional weight of water or sand within the bag will prevent your flag from smashing into the ground due to a little gust of wind.


When you’re seeking out a base attachment, you won’t need to go anywhere else. Display-Wholesale is the go-to source for flag poles, hardware, and attachments. Our base attachments are engineered to work fluidly with our small and medium flag poles. This helps to narrow down your search and ensures you’re able to get everything you need to proudly display your signage with a single visit. Our hardware is reliable, durable, and will be sure to keep your flag firmly planted on the ground and upright, until you’re ready to take it down.

Outdoor Options

As mentioned above, we offer solutions for indoor and outdoor displays. The combination of the bag and cross base is one way to display the flag outside, but you will also want to consider our ground spike. The spike measures in at 21.75” and features a sharp point at the bottom. This ensures you’ll be able to sink the spike into the ground with very little difficulty. The steel material will undoubtedly withstand the test of time, so you’ll be able to us
e it as many times as you like well into the future. Just remember to place your order as early as possible. All items, without prints, can be shipped out on the same day, if the order is placed before 1PM PST.