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Cable Display Systems: Cable Fixing with Cable - 6 pcs Cable Display Systems: Jointed Gripper - 6 pcs Cable Display Systems: Plated Cable Fixing - 6 pcs
Cable Display Systems: Safety Lock Gripper - 6 pcs Cable Display Systems: Standard Gripper - 6 pcs Cable Display Systems: Universal Jointed Gripper - 6 pcs

Engineering An Immaculately Beautiful Display System With Cable Grippers And Fixings

As a business owner, it is nearly impossible not to be a control freak. You know your business and its products better than anyone else. Naturally, you’ll want to be in control over everything associated with your business and its daily activities. This includes setting up your own personalized displays. Of course, in order to achieve this goal, you’ll need the appropriate hardware, such as cable grippers and cable fixings. With our comprehensive portfolio of cable display systems hardware, you’ll be able to pull off the most intricate of displays, without a hitch.

Cable Fixings With Cable

If you wish to kill two birds with a single stone, you’ll want to look no further than our cable grippers. Our incredibly flexible fixings are capable of being mounted to your walls, ceiling or floor. The fixings are sold in 6 pieces, which should be enough to accommodate any display you can conjure up. Our standard cable grippers are manufactured from nickel, so they’ll remain durable and beautiful even after many years of use. To top it off, the gripper comes with 40” of wire cable. So, you won’t have to worry about purchasing anything else. The nickel plated steel finish in conjunction with the overall versatility helps to make the plated cable fixing one of our hottest offerings.

The Jointed Gripper

The jointed fixing is idealistic for specific scenarios, when you need flexibility. Again, these fixings are sold in packs of 6. They’re capable of supporting weights of up to 45 pounds and can rotate at a 180-degree angle. They can be used with cables, which are 1.5mm in diameter. This specific standard gripper will give you the ability to pull off intricate, eye-catching displays hung from the ceiling or walls. You’ll also want to check out our safety lock gripper, while you’re at it.

The Universal Joint Gripper

We sincerely believe our universal gripper is our most versatile offering. These cable fixings can be mounted to anything and everything, including your walls, ceilings and floors. It offers 180-degree free rotating capabilities, so you’ll never be restricted by your hardware. These cable grippers are capable of supporting up to 45-pounds of weight. In all case scenarios, this should be more than enough for most display systems.

Unlike our competitors, we sincerely understand your desire for urgency. If you place your order before 11AM PST, we’ll make sure your items without print are shipped out on the same day. This includes our cable fixings. If you have any questions or comments, you should not hesitate to contact one of our company representatives immediately.