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Why Using LED Light Boxes To Advertise Your Brand Is So Effective

A major part of operating a business is advertising. Now, there are many ways that you can draw attention to your brand, but if you are doing it directly from your business establishment, you will need to be creative. LED light boxes have proven to be very effective in capturing the passerby’s attention. This display outdoor light box sign is available is several different styles. So, to help you find exactly what you need to entice consumers into shopping at your store, each one is broken down and described more in depth.

Round Outdoor Light Box Sign

outdoor light box signThe round LED light box measures in at 28-1/2” in diameter, which is large enough to attract attention. You can actually utilize these as an outdoor or indoor display, so they are very versatile. The LEDs are positioned all the way around the around the inside center of the aluminum frame to light up the face plate evenly. LEDs are well-known for lasting for many years, before needing replaced, even when they left on for extended periods of time.

LED light boxes have become extremely popular over the years and there is no wonder why. Your custom light box sign will contain a brand logo of your choice. The logo is embedded into an acrylic face place and then attached perfectly into the center of the aluminum frame. It only weighs around 12 pounds, so you can hang it on a wall or window with ease.

Stand-Up Lighted Sign Box

Stand-up LED light boxes are very unique and they slightly differ from the round display. The framework is constructed out of lightweight, but very durable aluminum. The base, which is most often exposed to the elements is constructed out of steel and powder coated for water and weather resistant protection. These LED light boxes are very versatile and can be used outdoors or indoors, plus it can be utilized with a 5 mil translucent vinyl print to give it a soft matte finish.

These light boxes are available in several different sizes, including 49-1/2” H X 12” W and 49-1/4” H X 12” W. The face place is constructed out of durable acrylic and the pain utilized to create the print is capable of enduring the elements for many years. The LEDs have a run time of 20,000 hours, so you do not need to worry about replacing them as frequently as other types of light bulbs.

The frame has a curved designed and the print is double-sided to allow those passing by to see it clearly from all angles.

Crystal LED Light Boxescustom light box sign

The more elegant crystal light box offers a beautiful display like no other. This product is perfect for artists and business professionals alike. These are available in various sizes and styles, but they all operate in a similar manner. Your brand logo is printed on backlit film and placed on the acrylic panel to capture the attention of every passerby. This beautiful display is embedded with LED lights that offer a lifespan of 20,000 hours. These LED light boxes will definitely add appeal and elegance to any establishment.
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