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Heavy Duty Poster Sign Holder Floor Stand 22" x 28" Outdoor Cone Poster Sign (Water Filled Base) - Poster Sign Only Outdoor Cone Poster Sign (Water Filled Base) with Acrylic Prints
Outdoor Sidewalk Sign (Water Filled Base) - Sign Only Outdoor Sidewalk Sign (Water Filled Base) with Vinyl Prints Poster Sign Holder Floor Stand 22" x 28"
Poster Stand 19" x 27" - Stand Only Poster Stand 19" x 27" Poster Stand 27" x 19" - Stand Only
Poster Stand 27" x 19" with Vinyl Prints

Building A Professional Product Showcase With The Floor Standing Poster Sign

When your company develops and releases new products to the public, you’ve got to feel proud of your achievement. Unfortunately,you’re far from finished. You’ll need to make the public aware of those new products or they’ll never feel inclined to make the investment. There is an unbelievable number of ways to advertise your products, but many methods are ineffective or too expensive. If you’re looking for a great alternative, which has proven to be effective for many years, you’ll want to look no further than the floor standing poster sign.

Inside Or Out

floor stand sign holderAgain, there are numerous ways to advertise your products, so it is wise to use a little creativity in your approach. By incorporating the use of our free standing poster stand, you’ll be able to bend the rules and stretch the limits further than ever before. Placing your display inside of your store can be great, but it’ll attract more eyes outside and will lure those passing by into your establishment. So, you should not limit yourself with knockoff or generic stands, which will topple over in the wind! Our outdoor sidewalk sign holder will give businessmen and women the opportunity to showcase their wares wherever they please and whenever they please.

Heavy-Duty, But Lightweight

Nothing is worse than being forced to lug around a 50-pound advertisement anytime you wish to display your company’s goods. Sure, you’ll want something heavy-duty and capable of withstanding the test of time, but a cumbersome advertisement cannot be tolerated. This is why you’ll want to incorporate our 22 x 28 Poster Display Stand into your next advertising scheme. The product requires a little assembly, but it is minute and can be completed within seconds!

One the stand has been fully assembled, it’ll stand 59” tall and will weigh just 18 pounds! And, the bottom features protective legs, which will prevent your floor from getting damaged. With this free standing poster sign, you’ve found a cost-effective, convenient and attractive way to showcase your goods. And the best aspect of all is the fact that this metal poster sign is incredibly durable, so it can be used time and again. Just slide out the old graphics and start anew!

Elegance And Effectiveness

You’ve most likely ventured into a bank or restaurant and have saw a bulletin poster stand. In fact, it was probably impossible for you to look away. Now, you can replicate that experience for your customers with your very own bulletin poster holder. The stand is finished with a glossy black, which will give it the ability to shine and sparkle from across the room. The stand is capable of accommodating ¼” thick graphics, so you could easily use it as a double-sided advertisement. Simply start at the top and slide your graphics downward. Within minutes, your sign will be ready to go and it’ll begin attracting potential clients immediately.

Remember that the mass majority of our floor standing poster sign holders can be utilized inside and out. So, you’ll want to push your creativity to the limits and see how far your next advertising campaign can go.