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Achieve Many Goals With Affordable And Durable Marker Boards

Over the years, some forms of advertisement and communication have managed to survive the test of time. Marker boards have undoubtedly done just that. When walking down Main Street, you will most likely come across a sidewalk sign, which provides you with a wealth of information about a restaurant or business. Even today, when technology has forced advertisements to go digital, the A-Frame board can still be effective for enticing clients and providing them with additional information about your menu, business hours, or products.

Get What You Desire

When scouring through our portfolio of marker boards, you’ll discover an assortment of options. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, wooden board or want an aluminum white marker board, you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs. We also offer dry andWet Eraser board wet eraser board options. Each of our boards are double sided, so each and every one of your potential customers will be able to take in the information you put forth. The writing area is also plentiful. With our aluminum sidewalk marker board, you’ll have a space of 18.25” by 28.75” to play around with. This should be more than enough to satisfy the majority of consumers. The styles and finishes are diverse, so you won’t have any problem finding something that suits your preferences.

Convenient, But Effective

Business owners and managers have very little time to mess around with a bulky, cumbersome A-Frame chalkboard. We sincerely understand this and only offer marker boards, which will be convenient for you. Whether you opt for the aluminum or wooden A-frame board, you can rest assured knowing the product will be lightweight and easy to move from location to location. Our aluminum model weighs just 11 pounds, so you’ll be able to carry it around underneath your arm.

Thanks to the A-frame design, the size of our boards can be minimized, by closing the sides. With the aluminum model, the dimensions will be 20.5” by 39.5” by 2”, when the sign is condensed down to its smallest form. Once the workday has drawn to a close, you can simply close the sign, carry it inside, and slide it behind the counter.

Ready To Go

Display Wholesale maintains a large stock of marker boards, so they’re always ready to go! As long as you place your order before 1PM PST, we’ll make sure your board is shipped out on the same day. Be sure to place your order as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to send it your way rapidly!