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16Ft Advertising Feather Flag - Hardware Only Medium Flag Pole Small Flag Pole
Medium Flag Pole
Our Price: $34.00
Small Flag Pole
Our Price: $32.00

Setup The Perfect Signage With The Most Reliable Flag Hardware

Setting up a beautiful display for your business can be incredibly beneficial for attracting new clients and alerting others to your Advertising flags company. Although the sign graphic is undoubtedly important, you should also put in a tremendous amount of effort to find the most durable and reliable flag hardware. If your flag poles aren’t up to par, your flag will end up sagging and blowing over in the wind. Whether you’re looking for hardware or base attachments, Display-Wholesale will be able to accommodate your precise needs.

Durable, Flexible Poles

A curved sign can be very unique and this will make it much more attractive to those passing by. In order to accommodate this particular type of sign, you’ll want to take full advantage of our flag hardware. Our poles are manufactured from aluminum and fiberglass. The combination helps to make the flag lightweight, flexible, and incredibly durable. The flexibility of the pole helps to mold around the unique shape of your flag. When purchasing one of our poles, you’ll receive the pole, cord, pin, ring, and a nylon travel bag. They’re available in several sizes and the medium stand is capable of supporting signs up to 177” in length.

They’re designed specifically for our tear drop and medium feather banner stands.

Base Attachments

When scouring through Display-Wholesale’s portfolio of flag hardware, you’ll be able to find everything needed to setup and display your banner as soon as possible. We offer an assortment of attachments, including cross base, water weight bags, and ground spikes. Each attachment is specifically designed to fit 5/8” diameter poles. Our ground spike is suitable for all of our medium and small poles. It measures in at 21.75” in length and will sink into the ground a sufficient distance, so you won’t have to worry about your flag tipping over. And, the polished chrome finish is very sleek and will not take away from your overall display in any way.

If you intend to place your flag outside, we recommend utilizing the cross base with an accompanying water weight bag. The bags are capable of accepting water or sand and hold a capacity of up to three gallons. Once it is strapped to the cross base, you can guarantee your flag will remain stabilized and upright.

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When you need a specific type of hardware for your advertising flags
, you’ll need it quick. Rest assured knowing Display-Wholesale offers same-day shipping on these items. Just be sure to get your order placed before 1PM PST and the flag hardware will be shipped your way on the same day.