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Banner Hem Tape - Double Sided Banner Hem Tape - Double Sided Banner Hem Tape - Double Sided
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Get The Tapes And Squeegees You Need Without Spending Excessively

Sign manufacturers need to incorporate the use of a handful of sign making tools each and every day. It would be impossible for you to ensure your signs are entirely flush and flat, without the use of tapes and squeegees. Although the squeegee might be one of the smallest items within your arsenal, it plays a vital role and its importance cannot be ignored. Perfection cannot be achieved without the use of our banner squeegees. We offer all of the sign making tools you need to manufacture, design, and perfect each and every one of your signs.

The Versatile Squeegee

When looking for tapes and squeegees, you’ll want to look no further than Display Wholesale. We offer the tools you need at theBanner squeegees prices you desire. When purchasing our squeegee, you’ll receive a set of ten. Each one measures in at 4” by 2-3/4”. They have maximum flexibility and will fluidly glide over your graphics, while flattening them out for an immaculate finish. With mid-level memory, you can rest assured knowing the tool will return to its normal shape despite the amount of pressure you place on it. These sign making tools are ideal for various applications and can be used with numerous materials, including vinyl, tape, window film, and decals. The tool’s edge is designed to smoothly glide over your banner graphics, without causing them any harm. The squeegee can be used wet or dry and will work effectively in both scenarios.

Double Sided Banner Tape

Permanently securing your signs and banners is very wise. This will require the use of tape. Without the appropriate tape, it might notHeavy Duty Banner Hem Tape hold and this will result in your graphic breaking free and hitting the ground. This cannot be allowed. Our heavy-duty banner hem tape works perfectly in extreme temperatures and attaches to various surfaces, including metal, glass and paint. We offer bulk discounts to those that need a larger quantity of tape. Purchase our hemming tape within sets of 13 or 78 to save additionally. The heavy duty banner hem tape is idealistic for various applications and will never give way.

3M VHB Tape

If you’re looking for banner tape, which is capable of replacing rivets, studs and screws, you’ll definitely want to check out our 3M VHB tape. The tape is capable of achieving a permanent hold and requires no drying time. This has become one of the most popular selections within our tapes and squeegees category thanks to its hardiness. It can withstand UV rays, solvents, moisture, and even plasticizers. This makes the tape ideal for all circumstances and all environments. Remember that we offer same day shipping on all live inventory items. Just place your order before 1PM PST and we’ll get the tape out to you on the same day!