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LED Light for Fabric Pop Up Display LED Light for Fabric Pop Up Display - 2 Lights SEG LED Ladder Light 27" x  87"

Illumination And Beautification With Pop Up Display Lights

Display Wholesale offers the most innovative, visually stunning pop up display banners on the market. Of course, we sincerely understand that improvementsLights for Pop Up Displays remain a possibility. We strongly encourage all clients to consider illuminating and beautifying their pop up displays with the use of our pop up display lights. This small addition can make a world of difference and will ultimately increase the overall effectiveness of your tradeshow banner.

Incredible Lifespan

If you’re interested in purchasing lights for pop up displays, you’ll want to make sure you opt for economical lights with an extensive lifespan. Nothing would be more embarrassing than your light giving out during the middle of a tradeshow or convention. Our 18W LED light offers a natural life of 10,000 hours. This extensive longevity should be sufficient for the mass majority of situations.

Simple Attachment

Our pop up display lights are equipped with an easy attachment mechanism. The base of the light has been configured to perfectly fit the bars of our pop up display frame. Simply put the base in place and tighten the lock. The process is uncomplicated and your pop up display will be illuminated within a few seconds.

One Or Two

Although many business owners will be satisfied with a single light, many will clamor for something more dynamic and dramatic. Display Wholesale understands this entirely and offers suitable lighting options for all. Opt for two LED lights and save money, while elevating the effectiveness of your tradeshow display.

Fast Delivery

When you order our pop up display lights, you expect them to arrive at your home or place of business within a reasonable period of time. Anything less would truly be unacceptable. We’ve put measures in place to ensure all orders are shipped as quickly as possible. Lights, which are purchased before 1PM PST, will be shipped out on the same day.