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Replacement Acrylic Face Plate and Print Round Outdoor LED Light Box Sign - Light Box Only Round Outdoor LED Light Box Sign with Vinyl Prints

A Comprehensive Overview Of The Round Outdoor Light Box

Advertising will never be easier and or more successful, when utilizing the round outdoor light sign. This product is Custom Outdoor Business Signsdesigned to draw attention from all angles and provide an affordable method of brand marketing. Not only will you be proud to display your brand with the round light box, but you will be able to save money on marketing and advertising fees. Below, you will discover more information on the round outdoor light box and its many benefits.

Suitable For All Types Of Businesses

Many people may not consider the illuminated advertising sign suitable for all types of businesses. Well, this is a huge misconception, because it can be utilized for sports bars, pubs, cafes, convenient stores, beverage, and assignment shops. This is a wall mounted unit with a double sided display screen that measures 28-1/2”. The 40w fluorescent bulb will light up the entire screen to make the graphics clearly visible from all angles.

Lightweight Construction

Although our custom outdoor business signs are very lightweight, they are very durable. The framework is constructed out of anodized aluminum and has a top layer of powder coating. This will offer 100% rust and weather resistance protection, even in humid subtropical and continental climates. This will guarantee an extended service life, plus the frame and prints can be purchased separately to eliminate the need for a full replacement.

Cost Efficient Operation

Operating a business can be very expensive and even the slightest increase in the utility bills can drive up the costs. If you are an eco-friendly professional and have sworn not to invest in electric powered products, you should not let this prevent you from considering the round outdoor light box. The LEDs embedded into the design of our illuminated signs are classified as energy efficient lighting. In fact, you can leave the sign on 24 hours a day and still not drive up your electric bill.

Quick And Easy Installation

Unlike many outdoor signs, our high-quality round outdoor light box is very easy to assemble and install. This circular frame, LEDs, and electrical cable are shipped preassembled, so all you need to do is focus your attention on the mounting hardware. You will need to attach the brackets to an even surface accordingly, before assembly the vinyl graphics and acrylic face plates. The mounting brackets slide smoothly into the slots on the frame and are secured by small screws.

Once your complete the assembly and installation process, you will simply plug the electric cable into any 120v receptacle and you are ready to go.