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Crystal Light Box 20.5" x 28" - Light Box Only Crystal Light Box 20.5" x 28" with Print Crystal Light Box 28" x 35.5" - Light Box Only
Crystal Light Box 28" x 35.5" with Print Slim Light Box 26" x 35.5" - Light Box Only Slim Light Box 26" x 35.5" with Print

Slim Light Boxes Offer A Unique Way To Display Your Artwork And Graphics

Are you scheduled to attend an upcoming exhibition, but have no ideas on how to display your artwork? Well, you have come to the right place, because we offer a very unique product that captivate, even the most difficult consumers. Our slim light boxes offer an extraordinary platform for your artwork and graphics. Below, you will discover more in depth details about the LED light box and its unlimited benefits.

Full Visibility

Our slim light boxes are unlike any of the traditional art frames, because they are designed to offer full visibility, with a screen size of 33-1/4” H X 23-1/2” W. The frame will not interfere or take away from your artwork and in fact, it will enhance the colors and print in more ways than one.

Frame Design

The thin LED light box measures in at 35-1/2” H X 26” W X 1” D. It is constructed out of aluminum material with a black finish. The black finish and slim profile will make the frame nearly invisible, when the LEDs are on. The LED lighting will brighten up your beautiful graphics, so it will earn the attention that it deserves. You will be happy to discover that the LEDs have a guaranteed lifespan of 20,000 hours and they are energy efficient, so they will not drive up your energy bill.

Unlimited Application Options

Not only can you utilize our crystal light box for expos and exhibits, but you can utilize it to display your family portraits. The illuminated picture frame will turn any ordinary poster into a work of art, plus it will make a great addition to any room in your home. You will also have the option of hanging the thin LED light box in a horizontal or vertical position, so customize as you will.

Quick And Easy Assembly

One of the many benefits of the slim light box is the quick and easy assembly. The aluminum frame is shipped fully assembled, so all you need to do is remove the front acrylic panel, slide in the graphic, replace the panel, and plug the electric cable into a 120v receptacle. This can all be done without needing to take the frame off of the wall. You will receive a mini suction cup, which will be utilized to pop the acrylic panel off of the frame. When utilizing our LED slim light boxes for public exhibitions, you will be able to switch out the graphics as often as you like in a matter of seconds.