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LED Lights Module LED Lights Module LED Lights Module
LED Sign Module (Pure White)
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LED Sign Module (Blue)
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LED Lights Module LED Lights Module LED Lights Module
LED Sign Module (Green)
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LED Sign Module (Red)
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SEG LED Ladder Light 27" x  87"

Using Sign Modules To Enhance And Personalize Your Signage

Have you ever wanted to be able to customize your own signage? The possibilities are truly enormous, but some techniques can be more effective than others. This is especially true, when it comes to lighted signs. Such displays have been used extensively throughout the years and they can still be attractive and effective even today. In fact, LED string lights have improved substantially over the years and are now more efficient and colorful than ever before. So, if you wish to illuminate your sign box with a color of your choosing, you’ll definitely want to check out our comprehensive portfolio of sign modules.
LED strip lights

Add Beauty To Channel Letters

One of the best ways to showcase your business name on your storefront is by utilizing channel letters. The letters can be placed across the top of your storefront and they’ll immediately instill your company’s name in the minds of those that happen to walk or pass by. Unfortunately, this lettering can be a little bare and uninspiring on its own. With our LED sign modules, you’ll be able to light up those channel letters and revitalize them with color! Our high efficiency LED sign modules are designed for this specific purpose and will help you add a dynamic punch to your display, without upping your electric bill.

Easy To Use

If you wish to take full advantage of LED strip lights, you’ll need a handful of different items. You’ll need the LED light strips, as well as a power supply. Many companies only offer one or the other. Others will charge outrageous prices for these items. With Display-Wholesale, it is possible to acquire everything you need to begin lighting up your displays immediately and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our LED sign modules work perfectly with our LED power supplies, so you won’t need to shop anywhere else!

Placing Your Order

In order to ensure that clients receive their LED sign modules as quickly as possible, we offer same day shipping on all items without print that are ordered before 1PM PST. We also offer an array of different colors, so you can achieve the precise display you’ve been looking for. Also, we offer bulk discounts to those that are willing to purchase box sets
. If you need a 100 or more modules, we recommend the box set, as it’ll help us save you a bit of money! If you need any assistance, you should contact us immediately. A representative will provide you with the answers to each and every one of your questions regarding our LED sign modules.