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Reuse Your Hardware And Save With Replacement Custom Pole Banners

As a business owner, it is absolutely pertinent to do your best to save money whenever possible. Display Wholesale has done their best to provide you with banner hardware, which can be used repeatedly, without any problem. We strongly encourage all customers to use their banner hardware more than once and this is why we offer replacement custom pole banners at a margin of the cost.
Outdoor Vertical Banners

Use Outdoor With Confidence

In all likelihood, you’ll want to place your hanging sign banner outside, where it’ll attract more attention and increase foot traffic to your business. A lower quality banner isn’t going to cut it. Within a few days, low quality materials will begin to show signs of damage from the elements. With Display Wholesale, this is not a problem. Our outdoor vertical banners are printed on specifically selected 13-oz banner material, which is perfect for outdoor use. Your banner will not fade and will remain effective well into the future.

All Sizes

We offer a handful of different brackets for outdoor banners. So, it is only natural that we would offer various sizes of replacement custom pole banners. We offer replacement banners in three sizes, 18”, 24”, and 30” All banners are compatible with our hardware, so making the switch to your new graphic won’t take more than a few minutes. Pole pockets are located on the top and bottom of the banners, so you can simply slide the graphics into place.

3-Day Turnaround

We know that you want your banners and refuse to wait. However, you wouldn’t want to diminish the quality of your banner in order to speed up the process. Display Wholesale has implemented a strict protocol to ensure all replacement custom pole banners are immaculately printed and produced within just 3 days. In order to ensure quality and satisfaction, all banners are double stitched and carefully examined, before they’re shipped to the consumer.