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A Comprehensive Overview Of Our Commercialized Grommet Machines

If you own a printing or vinyl sign company, you will find yourself in need of a grommet machine. Grommets are utilized to provide a smooth and very durable hole. Without this tiny component, the cable would eventually rip the vinyl to shreds. Below, you will discover more information about our commercialized grommet machines, so you can decide which one is more suitable for your needs.

Manual Grommet Machine

Our manual grommet machine is compatible with 5/16” and 3/8” grommets. The grommets are silver in color, with nickel plating to prevent tarnish or rust, even after many years of environmental exposure. This machine only weighs 14.3 pounds, so you can easily transport it from place to place without issue. It will make the perfect addition to any sign shop, or arts and craft company. You can purchase additional grommets right from our website at a very affordable price, so be sure to add an extra bag to the cart, when you place your order for the grommet hand press.

Automatic Grommet Machine

Our automatic grommet machines are great for industrial use, because they are capable of punching 45 grommets every minute. Both of our grommet machines will increase productivity and eliminate the need for hammering in grommets. It will not only put the grommet in the batter in a single motion, but will pierce the hole in the material, as well. When you purchase one of our automatic grommet machines, you will receive a bonus of same day shipping, if you place your order, before 1:00pm PST.

This machine is compatible with 3/8” grommets, which are available in silver or gold. The laser pointer embedded into the machine allows the user to make precise punches in the correct spot. It is also capable of punching a hole in various types of materials, including nylon, vinyl, and leather.

You operate the machine using a foot pedal that sits on the floor and you never have to feed each grommet into the machine in a singular fashion. Instead, the machine does all of the work for you, by sorting each grommet and preparing it for use.


We have grommets of various sizes and colors, so you can easily find something to suit your needs. All of our grommets are nickel plated for rust resistant protection and suitable for various materials with a thickness up to 4mm, but remember that the material may alter this number slightly.