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Cable Display Systems: Cable Fixing with Cable - 6 pcs Cable Display Systems: Clevis Clamp with Cable - 6 pcs Cable Display Systems: Double-Sided Clamp - 6 pcs
Cable Display Systems: Fixing Style Shelf Support (closed top) - 6 pcs Cable Display Systems: Fixing Style Shelf Support (open top) - 6 pcs Cable Display Systems: Jointed Gripper - 6 pcs
Innovative modular cabling solutions for spectacular hanging displays

Hugely popular in Europe, modular cable displays are becoming an increasingly popular trend in North American visual merchandising and displays. Display-Wholesale.com carries all the cable hanging hardware you need to create jaw-dropping product or signage displays in your store, business or in your trade show booth including cables and wiring, grippers, cable fixings, clamps, shelf supports, underpanel supports, sign standoffs and screw caps. With our cable hanging system hardware, you’ll be able to create incredibly stylish and efficient signage displays to enhance your overall interior design.

By utilizing a combination of cable and panel supports, you’ll be able to put together truly amazing display designs that captivate your audience. No matter the configuration of your cable displays and shelving, you can guarantee our cable grippers will be able to support the weight. Posters, brochures and even products can be loaded or changed in a matter of seconds, without compromising your valuable wall or floor real estate. For example, boutique owners use our Cable Display hardware systems to create hanging shelving systems in their showrooms to display clothing. Condominium sales centers utilize them to display 3-D floor models and promotional material. The possibilities are limitless.

Cable Grippers/Fixings

Cable display kits are available in various styles. The Clevis Clamp, for example, is designed to hold a 10-millimeter-thick piece of glass or acrylic panel. This device attaches directly to your pre-drilled panel, which in turn attaches to a mounted ceiling gripper. Your panels and cable displays can hang freely from the ceiling, giving the impression that they are suspended in air, or be mounted from ceiling to floor. The wire hanging display system is primarily used for trade show exhibitions, but it can be also be customized for any business establishment that wants to showcase its products. They’re especially ideal to use in windows with a view from the street.

Sign Standoffs

If you wish to simplify your store’s interior and hangers, you will definitely want to look into our selection of sign standoffs. Our standoffs are available in several different sizes and finishes. You can also purchase the screw caps separately if need be. The standoffs are capable of supporting a substantial amount of weight, so you’ll never have to worry about your sign breaking free and dropping. Our standoffs are also designed to make the installation process as quick and simple as possible.

Our Acrylic Display Sign Holders and acrylic Brochure Holders are a natural fit for a hanging cable display system. If you really want to get creative with your signage and display materials and lettering, perhaps you’ll want to look into our Custom Fabrication service as well.

Same day shipping is offered on all cable display products on orders placed before 11AM PST.