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Wall Mount Pole Banner Bracket 18" Street Pole Banner Brackets 18" - Hardware Only Street Pole Banner Brackets 24" - Hardware Only
Street Pole Banner Brackets 30" - Hardware Only Street Pole Banner Brackets 36" - Hardware Only Adjustable Steel Locking Bands - 36 Inch Length (Pack of 4)

Street Pole Banner Brackets, also known as light pole banner brackets, are a great way to display graphics outdoors and our hardware is designed for durable display. Our bracket features a cast aluminum base that is designed to adhere to any street pole or lamp post whether it is square, round, or multi sided. In addition, the fiberglass rods are strong enough to reduce the wind load from strong winds which ensures that your banner will last through various weather conditions. We carry three variations of street pole banner brackets- below are some specifications to help you find the perfect bracket for your graphic displays:

The Street Pole Banner Bracket (PSP18, PSP24, PSP30, and PSP36) have 1 set of hardware for displaying a single graphic on either side of a pole. That is- 1 set of bases and 1 set of rods.

In comparison, the Street Pole Banner Bracket – DOUBLE SET ( PSP18D, PSP24D, PSP30D, PSP36D) comes with 2 sets of ‘single’ banner bracket hardware that allow for displaying up to 2 graphics at a time. That is- 2 sets of bases and 2 sets of rods. Notice in the picture provided that the bases used for holding the graphics to the vertical pole are able to be installed on either side and face outward, toward your graphic. This separation of 2 single bracket hardware allows you to hang your graphics interchangeably by displaying either a single graphic or two graphics at once.

The Street Pole Banner Bracket – DOUBLE SIDED (PDS18, PDS24) is significantly different because it has 1 set of hardware for displaying two graphics at all times. That is- the rods for displaying the two graphics are connected to create one continuous rod. In addition, the base that holds the poles to the vertical surface is designed to face the front of the light pole. The different base allows the continuous rod to extend to each side of the pole or display surface. These hardware specifications mean that the bracket is designed to display two graphics at all times, and is not interchangeable like the “double set” mentioned above.

Please note that all pole banner hardware has compatible graphic options. Your graphics will be double sided (front and back display) and printed on Matte 13 mil Scrim Vinyl. Graphics may also be ordered separate from hardware anytime.

Put the word on the street with pole banners

Pole Banners are a great medium for promoting special events and festivals, businesses and institutions or neighborhood business districts to beautify the streetscape and instill a sense of civic pride. Display-Wholesale.com sells a full line of street light and wall-mounted pole banner products to service your needs. You can purchase hardware only, or order custom full color banner prints in a variety of heights for banners 18”, 24” or 30” in length, in single or double-sided banner bracket sets.

Whether you want to adhere your banner to the side of your store to bring in customers or attach double sided banners to light poles all along the street to promote a special community event, our selection of banners and hardware will provide you with what you need.


All graphics are printed on 13 oz. vinyl banner material, which can withstand anything Mother Nature has in store.Whether you’re planning to advertise throughout the year or only during community events, you can guarantee your banner will maintain its beauty and integrity. We also offer replacement banner prints, for when it’s time to change your banner signage. With in-house production, we offer a 3-business day turnaround for Street Light Pole Banners.that include custom prints. Same day shipping is available on hardware-only orders placed before 11AM PST.


If you need larger format signage, consider our Custom Prints. Other exterior signage solutions we offer include Light Boxes and Sidewalk Signs.