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Ordering with Print Services
Can I order custom size prints?
  You can order your custom size prints in either 13 oz scrim vinyl banner material or our smooth blockout vinyl . Please see link below.
Do I need to add a bleed?
  No, we want the actual file size. If it is a 33" x 78" banner, please provide that size to us.
Do you have any limits on color/text/logos for the artwork?
  We do not have a limit. You can put as much colors, texts, and logos in your artwork as long as your artwork is print-ready.
Do you have standard background colors that I can select from?
  We do not have a list of background colors. You must include your desired background color in your artwork file. We will print it as is.
Do you offer Graphic Design Service?
  We have an in-house Graphic Designer who can assist you with your artwork. If you would like to get a quote, please give us a call or shoot us an email. Rates vary depending on the display item and the complexity of your artwork.
For Fabric Prints: How do I get the smoothest gradient?
Our equipment prints out the smoothest gradients when the gradients are created in Photoshop, and not in Illustrator. Why? Illustrator is a vector based program and does not raster the gradient the same way that Photoshop does. Illustrator will create "steps" in the gradient that look like lines in the final print.

For the smoothest gradients, use Photoshop to create the gradients and then either import the gradient to Illustrator or simply design the entire artwork within Photoshop.

Below are some samples of a Photoshop image vs the Illustrator image
AI Gradient
PS Gradient
Graphics Rush Service
  What is Graphics Rush?

With the addition of a graphics rush service on your print order, we can provide faster production time. Our regular production times are already fast turn-around, but if you are in need of quicker production, choose "Yes" on the Graphics Rush option.

For a small fee, we can push your order in front of our production queue and ship your order even faster.

What products can I add the Graphics Rush service to?

We are able to rush production for UV flatbed prints, flag prints and vinyl banner prints only.
Print TypeRegular Production w/ Graphics Rush Service
Flag Print - Polyester Material3 business days2 business days
UV Flatbed Print - Rigid Substrate 3 business days2 business days
Banner Print - Vinyl Material 2 business days1 business day or Same day
** Graphics Rush service is not available for stretch fabric prints (ie: PWT, PPP, PTT, PDE11P, etc)

What are the fees for the Graphics Rush service?

The Graphics Rush fee is calculated for each print.

Print TypeGraphics Rush Service% of Print Cost
Flag Print 2 Days Rush50%
Vinyl Banner Print Next Day Rush40%
Vinyl Banner Print
UV Flatbed Print
Same Day Rush
2 Days Rush

Example: Graphics Next Day Rush on the 33" Retractable Roll Up Banner Stand (sku: PDE03P) is $17.99 (per print)

Graphic Rush Service Terms and Conditions:
  • Orders placed by 11 AM PST will be processed the same day. The order processing day does not count as a production day. (for example: A Graphics Next Day Rush order placed at 11 AM PST will be processed same day and the order will ship the next business day.)
  • "Ready to Print" artwork file(s) must be submitted and in our possession by 11 AM PST.
  • Limit of 5 prints can be rushed. If there are more than 5 prints needed, please contact us.
  • If we are unable to rush your order, we will contact you as soon as possible.

How do I upload artwork?
  Please place your order first by adding your item(s) to the cart. After you check out, you will be provided with your an order confirmation number. Make note of that number and an Order Confirmation email will automatically be sent when you place your order, where your order confirmation number will also be provided. Proceed to upload your artwork on the link provided, if you don't see the link, click on Artwork Upload. Please reference your order number in the "subject" field to ensure your artwork is linked properly to your order. In the "message" field, please provide a phone number for us to contact you with any concerns or issues with your artwork. The Hightail form can be used to upload multiple files, up to 2 GBs. (Please note that if your upload does not reference your order number, it might delay your order. Any artwork files not associated with a completed order will not be reviewed.)
How long does it take to process orders with printing services?
  Orders are processed the next business day. After we receive your artwork, your order will ship 2-5 business days later (depending on print type) given there are no issues with your artwork and amount of prints ordered. If there are issues with your artwork, it will delay production and shipment of your order.

Standard Production Times:
  • Vinyl Banners: 2 business days
  • Flag Prints: 3 business days
  • 9oz Fabric Prints: 4 business days
How To Order With Custom Print
  See our guide on How to Order With Custom Print. Please see link below.
What is PMS color matching?
  If there is a particular color in your artwork that you need to get an exact match of when we print, we suggest that you proceed with color matching. The price is $45 per color for vinyl prints and $120 per color for fabric prints. You would need to provide us the Pantone color. We will then print that color out in several shades and send you the physical proofs. You can select the proof that best matches the Pantone color in your artwork.
What size does my graphic need to be for a specific stand?
  Please follow the artwork dimensions provided in our Template. You can find the template for each product underneath the description box. It is in an orange button. If a template is not available for a particular item, please follow the art dimensions provided in the description box. For example, for the stand PDE03P (33" retractable roll up banner stand), your graphic size needs to be 33"(w) x 78"(h). You can also find templates on our template page by clicking here.
How much of the artwork is viewable?
  On most of our retractable banner stands, only half an inch to an inch is covered on the top and bottom. With our adjustable retractable banner stands, you can pull up as much as you want to show. So if you pull up too high and show the banner stand leader, it can be lowered before the pole is locked.
What are the artwork guidelines?
  Link for the guidelines: Artwork Guidelines
How do I know you received my artwork?
  After you upload your artwork through our website, you will receive an email confirmation from Signworld. This automated email confirms we received your artwork. If you did not receive this email confirmation, please upload again.
Can I rush my order?
  Yes, please call us to edit your order or to process a new phone order. Please inform us and provide details regarding your time sensitive order. There is a production rush fee and expedited shipping rates will vary.
Do I receive artwork proof?
  Proofs must be requested. When ordering, include the PDF proof request in the "special instructions" field. A request of an emailed PDF proof will delay your order 1-2 business days or until the approval is received.You can also request a proof when you upload your artwork.

A request of an emailed PDF proof will delay your order 1-2 business days or until the approval is received.

The PDF proof that you will receive is a resized image of your original artwork. We do ask for print ready artwork. The purpose of the proof is to make sure that we have received the right artwork and that the artwork contents are correct. Once you have approved the proof, we will begin production.
What type of material are you printing on?
  • For Banner Stands: 13 mil Smooth Blockout vinyl with a semi-gloss finish and smooth texture
  • Flag Prints: Polyester
  • Fabric Prints: Stretch Fabric
  • Street Pole Banners: 13 mil Scrim Vinyl with matte finish
Can I use your material outdoors?
  Majority of our display items are recommended for indoor use only. However, we do have a selection of display items that are perfect for outdoor use. We have feather and teardrop flags, Outdoor X Banner Stands, Street Pole Banners, Outdoor LED Light boxes, and Outdoor Sidewalk signs.