Graphics Rush Service

What is Graphics Rush?

With the addition of a graphics rush service on your print order, we can provide faster production time. Our regular production times are already fast turn-around, but if you are in need of quicker production, choose "Yes" on the Graphics Rush option.

For a small fee, we can push your order in front of our production queue and ship your order even faster.

What products can I add the Graphics Rush service to?

We are able to rush production for UV flatbed prints, flag prints and vinyl banner prints only.
Print TypeRegular Production w/ Graphics Rush Service
Flag Print - Polyester Material3 business days2 business days
UV Flatbed Print - Rigid Substrate 3 business days2 business days
Banner Print - Vinyl Material 2 business days1 business day or Same day
** Graphics Rush service is not available for stretch fabric prints (ie: PWT, PPP, PTT, PDE11P, etc)

What are the fees for the Graphics Rush service?

The Graphics Rush fee is calculated for each print.

Print TypeGraphics Rush Service% of Print Cost
Flag Print 2 Days Rush50%
Vinyl Banner Print Next Day Rush40%
Vinyl Banner Print
UV Flatbed Print
Same Day Rush
2 Days Rush

Example: Graphics Next Day Rush on the 33" Retractable Roll Up Banner Stand (sku: PDE03P) is $17.99 (per print)

Graphic Rush Service Terms and Conditions:
  • Orders placed by 11 AM PST will be processed the same day. The order processing day does not count as a production day. (for example: A Graphics Next Day Rush order placed at 11 AM PST will be processed same day and the order will ship the next business day.)
  • "Ready to Print" artwork file(s) must be submitted and in our possession by 11 AM PST.
  • Limit of 5 prints can be rushed. If there are more than 5 prints needed, please contact us.
  • If we are unable to rush your order, we will contact you as soon as possible.