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Home > Wave Tube Displays carries a selection of 6’, 8’ and 10' Wave Tube, S-shaped Wave Tube and Straight Tube display products that provide exactly what vendors need to elevate your brands. From simple step-and-repeat logo boards to detailed company and product information, our Wave Tube displays offer you an infinite range of possibilities.

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Today, having a vibrant backdrop is a basic presentation standard for any 10-foot trade show display booth. Advances in full colour printing and hardware have created an exciting world of possibilities for maximizing your space with large-format displays more affordably than ever. More than just a beautiful presentation, our backdrop displays were designed with careful consideration of your convenience and valuable time. Also known as fabric tension tube displays, these products can be set up within a matter of minutes with minimal labour and technical ability. Tubular pieces are marked with shapes as guides for the assembly process, and then the seamless stretch fabric fits perfectly over the lightweight aluminum frame.

Our booth displays are dye sublimation printed on high-quality, washable fabric so you can use them over and over again. They also come with easy-to-pack carrying cases so that you can take them with you no matter where or how you need to travel.

In addition to trade shows these large-format Wave Tube display products have a variety of applications as a signage option in corporate offices and atriums, malls and retail stores, restaurants, and event venues.

To add extra lighting to your display and really make it shine, you can purchase Wave Tube Lights specifically design to fit our frames individually or in a set of 2 lights.