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Creating Perfect Backdrops For Your Next Event With Wave Tube Displays

Business owners and entrepreneurs need to fully understand the importance of visibility. If you’re unable to force consumers to take 8ft Wave Tube Displaynote of your products, your business will likely face an untimely end. There is truly an assortment of ways to advertise your business and get your products out there in front of your potential customers. We’re here to help and truly believe that our wave tube displays are capable of helping you bring additional attention to your company, as well as its goods and services. With us, you’ll find that your options are enormous and each offering will give you the ability to expand your customer base a tad bit further.

Various Options

Our Wave Tube Displays are available in an assortment of different styles and sizes. When you’re looking for something simplistic or want to find something that will grab attention, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be able to find precisely what you’re looking for within our portfolio. We offer wave tube displays, which range in size from 6 foot to 10 foot. This helps to guarantee that our displays will accommodate the occasion no matter how much space you are allotted for your setup.

And, we offer different styles, such as the 10ft S Shaped Wave Tube Display. This stand is incredibly sleek and will give the impression that it is jumping toward the viewer, so it’ll definitely attract attention. For smaller events, you may want to check out our 6-foot table top wave tube display.

Convenient Portability

10ft S Shaped Wave Tube DisplayWhether you decide to purchase the 10ft Straight Tube Display or one of the alternative tube displays waveline displays, you can guarantee the transportation of your display will be simple and effortless. Each and every one of our displays feature a lightweight frame with most weighing under 8 pounds. Suffice to say, it will only take a single person to tote the item around, but that isn’t a requirement. Each of our fabric tension tube displays comes with a hardcover travel bag, which is equipped with wheels. This helps to keep the frame protected and out of the way, until you’re ready to assemble it and being showing off your company’s products. You should also remember that we offer replacement prints for each of our displays, including the 8ft Wave Tube Display. So, you can utilize the display’s frame as many times as you like.

Illumination For Effect

We understand that some store owners will want to display these stands in the windows of their store fronts. We offer LED lights forWave Tube Display Lights this very purpose. By utilizing the associated LED light, you’ll be able to illuminate your advertisement and elevate its visibility enormous. With this particular arrangement, you’ll be able to use the stand to draw in new customers throughout the day and night. The LED lights are specifically designed to fit the wave tube display frame and will remain securely attached for however long you wish to use it.

Our Wave Tube Displays can help you achieve the perfect backdrop for almost any event. Our offerings are diverse, affordable and convenient, so they’re great for all businesses and all events.

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