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Sign Spinning Mannequin Robots to Help You Advertise Whenever and Where ever!

The newest word in street promotion
Sign spinners are a very effective street promotion vehicle, but finding reliable candidates for such a position can be difficult and costly. Display-Wholesale.com has the solution to your problem -- a revolutionary advertising mannequin robot who can sit outside of your business and usher potential customers into your store!

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Sign Spinning Mannequin Robot [MANNEQUIN ONLY] Sign Spinning Mannequin Robot - Casket Arrow Sign 2'x5' Sign Spinning Mannequin Robot - Casket Arrow Sign 2'x6'
Sign Spinning Mannequin Robot - Tail Arrow Sign 2'x6' Sign Spinning Mannequin Robot - Tail Arrow Sign 2'x5' Sign Spinning Mannequin Robot - Standard Arrow Sign 2'x5'

Display-Wholesale.com’s sign mannequin utilizes an internal rechargeable battery. This makes the sign mannequin cost effective and ensures you’re able to utilize the product anywhere you need to. The robot mannequin’s battery provides you with 10 hours of usage. The battery can be recharged quickly, so it remains up and running during operating hours. And, you’ll never have to worry about the sign spinning mannequin leaving for a bathroom or lunch break or getting distracted.

The sign mannequin has a heavy-duty steel base which is equipped with wheels. Before your business opens, you can simply roll the robot outside and let it go to work, then roll it back inside with ease at the end of the business day. The steel base ensures maximum stability, while the wheels make it easy to move the robot mannequin wherever you need to. With flexible arms and wrists, our sign spinning mannequin moves more realistically in comparison to others on the market. And you can rest assured knowing the doll will arrive in 100% working condition and ready to spin your sign. All mannequins are tested thoroughly before they’re shipped.

Your sign holding robot mannequin comes with a free full-colour custom printed Arrow Spinner Sign. We offer signs of various sizes, colors, and shapes. An arrow sign with full-color custom print is included free with the purchase of a mannequin.