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Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - 11' x 14" Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - 11' x 8" Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - 16" x 20"
Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - 20" x 24" Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - 20" x 30" Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - 24" x 36"
Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - 30" x 40" Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - 36" x 48" Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5" - 40" x 48"

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Skip The Frame And Create The Perfect Display With Canvas Gallery Wraps

If you’ve ever been inside a modern museum, you’ve likely seen a masterful work of art, which featured the canvas wrap configuration. This specific setup is much more attractive than utilizing a frame and will help to produce a 3D-like appearance, which will force viewers to take notice. We offer canvas prints, which can be professionally mounted and beautifully topped off with the gallery wrap arrangement. Whether you want to show off your artwork or wish to advertise your business, you’ll definitely want to check out our canvas gallery wraps immediately.
Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Choose Your Border

Once you’ve ordered one of our professionally mounted canvas prints, you’ll want to select the border configuration you enjoy the most. The artwork can be stretched around the frame or you can opt for a white or black border. Each option will deliver a sleek display with a photo quality print you can be proud of. The canvas and wood deliver UV and waterproof protection to ensure your display can be utilized anywhere and everywhere for an extensive period of time.

Professionally Mounted

By working with Display-Wholesale, you’ll be able to maintain your peace of mind knowing all of our canvas gallery wraps are professionally mounted on wooden frames, before they’re finalized with the gallery wrap. Although our experts will work tediously to ensure you receive a satisfactory work of art, we understand that delays cannot be tolerated. We offer lightning fast 3-business-day turnaround, once your artwork has been officially approved.

Pick Your Size
No matter what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll be able to remain in control of the wrapped canvas prints every step of the way. We offer canvas gallery wraps
in an array of different sizes ranging from 11” by 8” to 40” by 48”. Whether you are intent on building something small, but effective, or massive and beautiful, you can rest assured knowing we’ll be able to help you achieve your goals with our gallery wrapped canvas! .9 5 2569