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Perforated Window Vinyl ( window perf ) 54

Perforated Window Vinyl ( window perf ) 54
Perforated Window Vinyl ( window perf ) 54

Perforated Window Vinyl ( window perf ) 54" X 150'

Price: $299.00

For use with: solvent ink, eco solvent ink, UV curable, and Latex Printers

  • 54" X 150' (1800") Perforated One-Way Vision
  • Perfect for Printing Companies
  • 50/50 Perforated Pattern
  • 7 Mil Vinyl

Our perforated Window Vinyl is made of 7 mil PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and is great for adhering on windows. The holes are 1.5 mm and the one-way vision adhesive back is easy to install onto windows. Outdoor durability and excellent for displaying graphics on windows. Used on windows and car windows.

The perforated window vinyl printing media we carry is manufactured with the highest quality material and is rated to be legally used on any vehicle. This 54” inch roll of my media has (1.5mm holes) (7mil thickness) with a 50/50 perforation pattern providing customers a full digital print view but also does not obstruct your view when looking through that applied window. This window perf. vinyl roll comes with a black adhesive back to enable easy application to retail store windows, automobile windows, and more.  The benefits of our perforated window is that it provides heat and glare control by reducing the incoming sunlight into buildings or cars. It also enables more safety and better security for locations such as banks, gas stations, air ports, and many other public and residential locations. Another benefit of using our perf. Window vinyl over your ordinary vinyl lettering is that most vinyl lettering tend to leave a ghost effect after removal and can obstruct visibility; however, our perforated window vinyl does not have an adverse effect on your window tint and allows visibility. The durability of our 1 way vision w/ adhesive printing media is guaranteed to last at least 3 years without lamination and up to 5 or more years with appropriate lamination. This one-way window vinyl  can be easily installed with simple tools and proper installation steps.

Special Pricing $250 each roll when buying sets of 2 rolls. Offer only available on phone orders, please call and ask for our media department to get this price today, limited time only. 909-393-1333

The application of our one way window film is easy to do with the correct tools and procedure. The one way glass film is widely used for any flat or slightly curved transparent object, mostly for window advertisements, window decoration and window decals on cars, trains, buses, subways, as well as shop windows and glass curtain walls.


Installation Procedure:


1. Make sure the surface for applying our one way window film is free and clear of dust particles.  To clean the designated surface area, mix detergent with water with 1% ratio of detergent (varies depending on concentration).  Then spray the mixture onto the glass surface to remove any dirt and grime, proceed to clean the surface with water. *DO NOT use ALCOHOL or any other chemicals to clean the surface, remaining of such chemicals not completely dry may dissolve the adhesive (stickiness) of the film. 


2. Remove the back liner of our one way vision film and spray a little of the soapy water mixture on the back of the film. Carefully position and adhere the film to the window surface.  Make sure the contact is to glass surface only and is not adhere to trims or molding that is not made of glass. (Any contact to non-glass surface may cause future lifting of the film). While adhering the film, simultaneously scrap the surface with a squeegee to eliminate air bubbles and wrinkles.   


3. When the entire film is applied, go over it with the squeegee again to remove any residual water and to ensure that the film is fasten down, making sure it's completely dry.



If the temperature is lower than 50 Fahrenheit, it is recommended to use warm water to spray on the back of the window film, then heat it with a hairdryer while scraping the vinyl with squeegee.


When designing artwork, please adopt CMYK to achieve the best printing effect.


This window film with adhesive prints well in temperature range of 59F – 89.6F. If the indoor temperature is below 59F, turning on the heating plate of the printer to 77F – 95F may yield better print results.



This high grade decorative window film is suitable for a large variety of printers brand including: HP, Canon, Vutek, Epson, Scitex, DGI, Techwin, Yaselan, Mutoh, Roland, Mimaki, Flora, Yaselan, Infiniti, Gongzheng, Liyu, and more.


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